Exklusiv für ACM Mitglieder: Betatest Digital Library mit Vollzugriff

For the past several months, we have been working to transform the ACM Digital Library from a simple portal to a rich and interactive tool that connects publications, datasets, software, simulations and people.

We’d like to invite you to preview the new DL beta site, DLnext.acm.org. We’ve given you full access to the ACM DL for the next few months so that you can preview the enhancements, features and functionality we’re building into the new DL.

To access articles, you’ll need to log in to using your ACM web account credentials. If you don’t yet have a web account, you can create one at accounts.acm.org/signin.cfm.

We invite you to preview the DL beta pages and to provide your feedback. While browsing DL pages, the pop-up message, “Check out a preview of the Next DL,” will indicate that a beta page is available. You can provide comments on the pages using the “Feedback” button pinned to the bottom-left of the new pages.

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