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Call for Participation on the 4th GI/ACM Standardization WS on I4.0 Automation and Control Systems, September 24, 2019, at „GI Jahrestagung“, University of Kassel Germany

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This is the 4th WS in series joined with GI Jahrestagung – this year 2019 in Kassel. The former WS joined with GI Jahrestagungen happened in Berlin(3rd), Chemnitz (2nd) and Klagenfurt (1st).

This WS series addresses basically the industrial multipart standard IEC 62443 that is interconnected and supporting communications with several standardization organizations addressing issues of CRITIS and ETSI TC Cyber, IEC TC65 Smart Factoring, ISO JTC1 SC27/WG4 IT Security to AI (SC42) or Industrial IoT (SC41) data, methods and techniques.

Since 2013 the multipart standard IEC 62443 is continuously growing. Almost every 2 years a new part is published. The roadmap towards a complete view on I4.0 contains a system view of four groups of specifications, i.e. General Concepts (1), Policies and Procedures (2), System Aspects (3), Component Aspects (4). Recently in 2018 a 5th group of ‚Industry Profiles‘ has been opened. Industry Profiles are based on available parts of IEC 62443-2.4 for Solutions Suppliers and IEC 62443-4.1 for Product Developers.

The LNI Proceedings of the Conference ‚GI-Jahrestagung 2019‘ contain the papers presented at the 4th GI/ACM Workshop on Standardization of Industry 4.0 Automation and Control Systems (IEC 62443 IACS).

The PC and its Chairing Board (CB) of the WS acknowledge the manifold support from the associations of ‚German Chapter ACM‘ and ‚Gesellschaft fur Informatik (GI)‘ of the D-A-CH countries.

Furthermore the WS PC/CB appreciated the joining of the ‚Standardization Council I4.0′ and the strategic ‚Plattform I4.0‘ to the WS supporters whereby the latter two organizations comprise members of several national  associations working towards industrial standards, e.g. DIN, DKE/VDE, VDMA, BITKOM etc.

Additionally the European Cyber Organization (ECSO) joined to the list of IEC 62443 WS supporters. ECSO is organized by 6 working groups comprising but not limited to Standardization of Supply Chain Management (1), International Collaborations (2), Sectorial Demanding I4.0 (3), Coordination with Regions (4) and Awareness of Cyber Ranges (5).

The WS PC/CB appreciate the continuous support in preparing the Workshop, printing posters, organizing decision-making meetings etc. received from FhG FOKUS Berlin!

Last not least the use of the EasyChair platform enabled us during preparation of the WS, to deal with all the diverging communications quite heterogeneously – including industrial, scientific, governmental start-up SMEs and many other participants being integrated to one virtual round table provided by EasyChair tool.

July 10, 2019, Berlin

Jan-Bernhard De Meer (General Chair, GI/ACM WS on I4.0 Standardization)

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