19th International Conference on Culture and Computer Science 23.-24.09.2021

The ACM Conference Culture and Computer Science 2021 »Physical und Virtual Spaces « will be held on September 23–24 at Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany.
Extended Reality combines physical and virtual environments, and human-machine-interfaces such as wearables. It unfolds in a highly interactive, parallel and multimodal manner. As a rapidly expanding area of Computer Science, research in Extended Reality is characterised by a large degree of interdisciplinarity. The entanglement between the physical world and computer-generated data cuts across and expands far beyond disciplines such as human-computer interaction, machine-to-machine communication, computer graphics, sensor systems, but also humanities and artistic sciences such as sound, visual, culture and design studies.
Extended abstracts for oral presentations, short presentations, posters or demonstrations can be submitted before May 20, 2021. Further information such as all focus topics and submission guidelines are available at the conference website: https://kui.htw-berlin.de/call/

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